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A financial dominatrix is a (usually female) domme who men get a sexual release from giving them money and getting insulted by them. I did offer financial advise though, to insure that they didn’t waste all their money on the kink and made sure they had enough to eat.
Men get sexual release out of giving dominating women their money (usually a lot of it) and getting insulted, bullied and/or getting exposed to their family members (consensually). It had a huge fetish overlap with the whole diaper community/mommy fetish.
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Financial Dominatrix
A financial dominatrix not only takes control sexually, but also takes control of her submissive’s finances. The submissives get sexual satisfaction from their money being withheld, and virtually being treated like sh*t
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Testimonial #1
The best minutes of my life when i see you in cam medusa. Damn you F** Awesome. I feel the hot inside me when you touch it, damn so good..grrr
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Hey medusa wazzup? I fuckin Love u!! How can i be a lucky fan and lets get together!! 
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What ever you do don't you dare to put implants or silicone in your body. I and most of sane guys love you the way you are! A kiss fo you mi lady.
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